First impressions

I have just finished Never Eat Alone. It is a book about building a supportive network of business connections that will propel you to the highest spheres of the business world.

The author goes through the story of his life and how he networked his way to the top. From his humble lower class beginnings, through golf sessions, wine dinners and republican rallies to being a top consultant and CEO.

I have gone through the entire book and it is packed with excellent advices, some of which I have detailed below. It is hard not to appreciate the honesty, authenticity and candor of the author. It is an excellent reminder that in life or business you can’t make it alone. As a software developer, it is often too easy to think that your skills are enough to get ahead and this book serves as a powerful reminder that this is certainly not the case.

I had one minor problem with the book though, it assumes that you are an extrovert looking to smooth talk your way up the American Dream. Probably Appealing to some, I often had difficulties identifying to the author’s behavior and real life situations.

Notes and Takeaways

  • You can’t make it alone. People will always be the foundation of any human enterprise. Lone wolfs will inevitably crumble under their own weight.
  • Fearing rejection is normal, just ignore it and power through.
  • Not everyone is born with excellent communication skills but these can be learnt like any other skill.
  • Always be generous and loyal. When meeting someone, think: how can I help and not how can this person help me.
  • Be patient and meet as many people as you can. Build your network way before you need it.
  • Ping people constantly to keep all your hard earned relatioship alive. But once again remain interesting and authentic.
  • Set your goals straight and have a clear message, this will make people want to have you in their network and will help you hold intelligent conversations. Be your own brand and market yourself effectively.
  • The pillars of your network should be super connectors, mentors and mentees.