I just finished developing an Hexo Theme: Clean Blog. Check out the live demo.

This theme is an Hexo implementation of Clean Blog


  • Disqus and Facebook comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Cover image for posts and pages
  • Tags and Categories Support
  • Responsive Images
  • Image Gallery
  • Code syntax highlighting


$ git clone https://github.com/klugjo/hexo-theme-clean-blog.git themes/clean-blog

Then update your blog’s main _config.yml to set the theme to clean-blog:

# Extensions
## Plugins: http://hexo.io/plugins/
## Themes: http://hexo.io/themes/
theme: clean-blog


The menu is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Header
Home: /
Archives: /archives

The object key is the label and the value is the path.

Top Left Label

The top left label is configured in the theme’s _config.yml. When clicked it will lead to the Home Page.

# Title on top left of menu. Leave empty to use main blog title
menu_title: Configurable Title

Home Page cover image

The Home Page cover is configured in the theme’s _config.yml. It will be the same for all index type pages.

# URL of the Home page image
index_cover: /img/home-bg.jpg

Default post title

The default post title (used when no title is specified) is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Default post title
default_post_title: Untitled


The comments provider is specified in the theme’s _config.yml. If you specify both a disqus_shortname and a facebook.appid there will be 2 sets of comment per post. So choose one.

# Comments. Choose one by filling up the information
# Disqus comments
disqus_shortname: klugjotest
# Facebook comments
appid: 123456789012345
comment_count: 5
comment_colorscheme: light

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Tracking ID is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Google Analytics Tracking ID

Social Account

Setup the links to your social pages in the theme’s _config.yml. Links are in the footer.

# Social Accounts
github_url: https://github.com/klugjo/hexo-theme-clean-blog


The post’s author is specified in the posts front-matter:

author: Klug Jo

Post’s Cover Image

By default, posts will use the home page cover image. You can specify a custom cover in the front-matter:

cover: /assets/contact-bg.jpg


This theme was created by Blackrock Digital and adapted for Hexo by myself.

Hope you enjoy it, the theme should be easy enough to customize and modify to fit your needs. Checkout my tutorial on building Hexo themes if you need information on how themes are built.