VorlonJS is a newcomer in the remote web debugging tool. I have not used it a lot but after giving it a try here are my findings:

  • It has pretty much the same features as weinre
  • Very neat UX and interface
  • Built in Node
  • Gives you the standard dev tools options (Console, DOM, Object Explorer)
  • Possibility to add plugins to Run Unit Tests, capture network traffic
  • They have desktop apps as well
  • Free and Open Source

Overall a very solid product that you should definitely checkout if you need a remote debugging tool

How to get started

Here is a straight to the point guide on how to get started.

Step 1: Install Vorlon

With npm

$ npm install -g vorlon

Step 2: Start the Vorlon server

One simple command

$ vorlon

then open your browser at http://localhost:1337/

Step 3: Insert the script in your app

In the <head> of your app, insert the following:

<script src="http://localhost:1337/vorlon.js"></script>

At this point, I highly recommend that you replace localhost with the IP of your app. Use something like <script src=""></script>.

Step 4: Start debugging

Reload your app and you can start debugging.

Experiment with the features, I really like the DOM explorer and console which are available on app start. The Obj Explorer can be useful as well.

I have had some difficulties with the other features but it might work out well for you.


A tool I have not used much but will try to incorporate in my tool box. Will keep you guys posted.

Check out the introduction video tutorial on their website if you want to know more.