Here are the steps to commit a change to an open source project on github.

1. Fork it

Fork the repo by clicking the fork button on the github website

2. Clone it

Clone the repository to your machine

git clone
cd project

3. Add the upstream remote

Add the original git repository as an upstream remote.

git remote add upstream

Now if you want to get the latest changes from the original repository, you can use:

git pull upstream master

4. Create a new branch

Create a feature branch to do your changes

git checkout -b newbranch

5. Code away

Modify the code and commit to the feature branch. Try to keep your commits clear and concise.

6. Push to your github

Push your modifications to your remote

git push origin newbranch

7. Issue a Pull Request

Back on github, click the Pull Request button

Select the commits you want to include, write a message and submit.

That’s it !