Useful piece of code to produce a 256-bit hash value with SHA-256:

There a few JavaScript implementation of the SHA-256 hash function out there. But the easiest is usually to use Node’s built in cryptography module.

The Code

If you just need the code, here it is:

var crypto = require('crypto');

var hash = crypto.createHash('sha256')


Generate the hash

Import the crypto module and use the createHash function to generate the hash.

var crypto = require('crypto');

var hash = crypto.createHash('sha256');

Hash your value

Use the update function on the hash object instance to process your input.



Use the digest function on the hash to ouput the value. You can pass ‘hex’, ‘binary’ or ‘base64’ to get the result in the desired encoding.


var hex = hash.digest('hex');
console.log(hex); // c5d44424ef47ab9e1806d9c1a3045942cfd06e0ec5e798449c02e44e9ae38292


var bin = hash.digest('binary');
console.log(bin); // ÅÔD$ïG«žÙÁ£YBÏÐnÅç˜DœäNšã‚’


var base64 = hash.digest('base64');
console.log(base64); // xdREJO9Hq54YBtnBowRZQs/Qbg7F55hEnALkTprjgpI=