I have just finished working on yet another hexo theme: Alpha Dust. Check out the live demo.

This theme was developed from scratch by myself just for fun. It is a glowy futuristic theme, hope you will find a use for it :)

Features Overview

  • Responsive
  • Disqus comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Tags Support
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Image Gallery
  • Social Accounts configuration
  • Pagination
  • Pages
  • Only one category per post
  • Stylus CSS preprocessor
  • ejs HTML templates

External libraries used


Install the theme

Install the theme by using:

$ git clone https://github.com/klugjo/hexo-theme-alpha-dust themes/alpha-dust

Then update your blog’s main _config.yml to set the theme to alpha-dust:


# Extensions
## Plugins: http://hexo.io/plugins/
## Themes: http://hexo.io/themes/
theme: alpha-dust

Theme Configuration

The theme’s global configuration is done in /themes/hexo-theme-alpha-dust/_config.yml.

The menu is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Header
Home: /
Archives: /archives
About: /about.html

The object key is the label and the value is the path.

Blog’s Logo Image Source

The blog’s logo (above the title) is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

The value should be a valid Font Awesome class

# Logo (Font Awesome Class)
fa_logo: fa-cube

The About section’s text in the footer is configured in the theme’s _config.yml. HTML allowed.

# Footer About Text
footer_about: "Make Websites. Make Magic."

The Copyright section’s text in the footer is configured in the theme’s _config.yml. HTML allowed.

#Footer Copyright Line
footer_copyright: "@Untitled. All right reserved | Design & Hexo <a href=\"http://www.codeblocq.com/\">Jonathan Klughertz</a>"

Default post title

The default post title (used when no title is specified) is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Default post title
default_post_title: Untitled

Archive Date Format

You can change the date format for the archive page if you so desire

# Archive Date Format
archive_date_format: MMM YYYY

Disqus Comments

The disqus shortname is specified in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Comments.
# Disqus comments
disqus_shortname: klugjotest

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Tracking ID is configured in the theme’s _config.yml.

# Google Analytics Tracking ID

Social Account

Setup the links to your social pages in the theme’s _config.yml. Links are in the footer. No link = No icon.

# Social Accounts
twitter_url: https://twitter.com/?lang=en
facebook_url: https://www.facebook.com/
instagram_url: https://www.instagram.com/
dribble_url: https://dribbble.com/
github_url: https://github.com/klugjo/hexo-theme-alpha-dust
googleplus_url: https://plus.google.com/
behance_url: https://www.behance.net/
fivehundredpx_url: https://500px.com/
email_url: \#
rss_url: \#


This theme was created by Jonathan Klughertz, check out my github and blog for more info.


If you have a question, feature request or a bug you need me to fix, please click here to file an issue.